Workshops are offered at various schools, facilities and art centers across the country and abroad. They are tailored specifically for each venue based on class size and costs. Advanced workshops usually require a host facility with ample equipment and tools. Most workshops are two-day intensives, some are 4 day retreats. Typical workshops consist of a maximum of 8 students and a minimum of 5. There are a limited number of workshops per year and occur as permitted between shows and exhibitions. 

Workshop instruction typically covers technique and or projects from Brandon's book; "The Jeweler's Studio Handbook". Custom tailored workshops are available. The most popular workshops include the following;

T O O L M A K I N G : This workshop is devoted to teaching the tricks and tips to make most tools yourself. Students will make 10-15 handmade tools every jeweler should have on their workbench. From burnishers to chasing  tools, hammers and custom bench pins, this advanced workshop teaches students to overcome obstacles in the studio, problem solving and maintainance/repair of handtools & light equipment. 

F U N D A M E N T A L S : This workshop is introduces students to tools, correct usage of the torch, safety and soldering. Typically, a class assessment is held on the first day to maximize students involment in various techniques, demos and discussions. Students do not participate in group projects and are encouraged to bring stock metal and materials for design discussion.

M E T A L  F A B R I C A T I O N / R E C Y C L I N G : This workshop is based wholly on calculating alloys. Students will learn correct calculation and measurement of base metals to create metal stock in sheet and wire. Students will learn the process of pouring a successful ingot, annealing and using the rolling mill and drawplates. Students are encouraged to bring scrap gold and silver for testing and recycling. This workshop is especially popular with metal clay artists who work in fine silver. Excess fired fine silver MC can be recycled as Sterling sheet metal and wire stock. 

2 0 1 3 / 2 0 1 4 - W O R K S H O P  S C H E D U L E

J U L Y 20-25,  2014 I P L A Y A  D E  C O C O,  C O S T A  R I C A 

  • WHERE: Playa De Coco, COSTA RICA
  • WHEN: July 20-25, 2014    9:00AM-4:00PM w/one hour lunch
  • COURSE: Costa Rican Found Object/Biomimicry Design MASTER CLASS
  • ENROLL: Chicago Jewelry and Lapidary Arts School (CJLAS)

DESCRIPTION: Students will begin their class by scouting nearby beaches, trails and grounds for inspirational source material. The Playa De Coco area is filled with some of the best material nature has to offer. Students will collect stones, shells, wood and other organic raw objects. As a group, we will discuss the working properties of each material. Demonstrations will include drilling in stone, shell, bone and glass. Individual attention will be given to each student to explore the design possibilities of their source material.  Basic metalworking skills are recommended, but not required. We will discuss unconventional settings, custom prongs, cages and odd shaped bezel sets. Students will receive individual, one-on-one instruction about their material and their end design ideas. Conceptual jewelry designs will include examples of Biomimicry. A short lecture about Biomimicry with examples specific to contemporary jewelry designs will be covered. Biomimicry is the examination of nature, it’s models, systems, processes, and elements to emulate or take inspiration in order to solve human problems. We will apply this concept in the study of the found objects to inspire each students jewelry designs. Materials are not included, you can bring your own silver, or will be charged per silver weight during the class. Silversmith Master Class by Brandon Holschuh | July 15, 16, 17  9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. with 1 hour lunch | All Levels

O C T O B E R - 2 0 1 3      Touchstone Center For Crafts 

                                            1049 Wharton Furnace Road

                                            Farmington, PA 15437



 *If you would like to attend a workshop in your area, please urge your local Metal Arts Guild, School or Facility who can host visiting instructors to contact us.*